Wednesday, March 14, 2007

There seems to be a theme in my life

And that theme is masters. I'm waiting to get an e-mail back to find out if my Psych classes will work instead of Social Work ones. I really, really don't want to have to take Stats again! In the meantime, I used my Birthday money to finally enroll in the Master Knitting Program. The pin will be mine!!!

Yesterday, Kent had a manager's meeting in Madison, so since I was awake when it was time to leave, I decided to go along with and tour the yarn stores of Madison. I didn't even get lost (well, I got a little turned around, but Yahoo directions sometimes lie and you should use your common sense and go ahead and turn left on John Nolan even if they say to turn right) and I even found a new way to get to the zoo. After the boys got dropped off at their meeting, I went to Wisconsin Craft Market. It was kind of disappointing. They were listed as one of the distributers of Plymouth Galway, but nope, they didn't have any. It was basically a slightly nicer version of Ben Franklin's. Didn't get anything there.

Next I went to The Knitting Tree and drove in squares for about 15 minutes trying to park. They also were supposed to have Plymouth Galway (all I needed was one skein of color 143), but didn't. They were pretty nice. Kinda small, but a good collection of sock yarn. I got two hanks of Koigu KPPPM in a really pretty colorway. It's different shades of reds, oranges and purples. Unfortunately, I've been spoiled, so I didn't even think to ask to have it wound and they didn't offer, so I'm going to have to take it up to Iris to wind it.

Next I went to Lakeside Fibers and fell in love. The place is amazing. From the front it looks pretty small, but it keeps going forever. There's even a coffee shop hidden in back. They have an amazing selection and I could have blown the budget very easily. In fact, I kept petting a hank of Artyarns Cashmere. I managed to resist, but I did treat meyself. I got a hank of Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Raven (it's really hard to find sock-weight yarn in black). This will go with the KPPM to cheat at a pair of Fair Isle arm warmers.

Since the Bearfoot is 350 yards and I'm thinking I'll need somewhere aroun 150-180 yards for the armwarmers, I got more fun colorway yarn to work with. This is Interlacements Tiny Toes in Carbon Dioxide.

This was the impulse buy. It was on sale, otherwise I probably would have walked by, but it's such a pretty color - the flash doesn't do it justice. I got two balls of Louisa Harding Kimono Angora Pure. It's 70% angora, 25% Wool, 5% Nylon and was 25% off.

And the best part is that Lakeside Fibers does a punch card and on odd numbered Tuesdays gives out double punches, so I have the majority of a card filled up already!

I also finished a sock and a swap item (I almost put down what it was :) ). The sock started out a Baudelaire, but I was almost done with one sock and decided that I really did not like the way it looked with the yarn, so I frogged the whole thing and started over. I still did a toe-up sock (which is nowhere near as difficult as I thought it would be), but I put togeather my own rib and cable design. I love how it turned out so much, but I told myself no pictures to show off until they are both done.

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